Cabo Transportation Questions & Answers

Your questions are important to us. Please see our most frequently asked questions below. Please "Contact Us" with any additional questions.

Are you affiliated with any time share company?

We are a professional transportation company solely focused on providing you with the best experience and highest quality transportation services. We are not associated with any time share company.

What happens if my flight arrives early or is delayed?

Our Cabo Transportation office staff monitors airline schedules and reports any changes to our airport reps and drivers. You can be confident that we will be there to meet when your flight arrives.

What are your luggage allowances?

Private Transfers have no luggage limits. Our selection of vehicles can accommodate whatever amount of luggage you have. You chose the model/size of vehicle that works best for you. With our Cabo Shuttle services, we ask guest to limit their luggage to 1 suitcase and 2 carry-on items.

How do I locate my driver when I arrive in Los Cabos?

After you clear Immigration, you will continue to collect your luggage from the carousels. You will then clear customs, walk past the timeshare desks & sales people located inside the terminal and walk out the exit doors. Our Cabo Transportation airport rep and your private driver will be waiting for you outside the terminal. Our rep will be holding a Cabo Transportation sign for easy recognition. For Private Transfers, clients can request a personalized welcome sign. Your driver will assist with your luggage and escort you to your vehicle.

What type of payment options are available?

In most cases passengers have the option to pay by credit card prior to their arrival or by cash in person upon arrival. For credit card payments you have the option to use PayPal Secure for online payments and or contact us directly by email or phone for in person credit card processing. For cash payments, we accept both USD and Pesos. Whatever payment options works best for you, is best for us.

Do you have child seats available for our children?

We feature a selection of "Safety First" quality child car seats, suitable for all sized children. Child seats are available by request and must be confirmed prior to arrival. There is no extra charge for child car seats.

Can we stop to buy groceries on the way to our hotel, villa or condo?

When you reserve a Private Transfer, clients have the option to stop at a supermarket on their way to their hotel. The cost is $40 USD for up to a one hour shop stop, and $20 per a 30 minute shop. With our shared vehicle shuttle services we are not able to offer grocery stops.

Does a Private Transfer take me directly to my hotel?

When you select a Private Transfer, your personal driver will take you directly to your hotel in your private vehicle, using toll free highway to ensure you get to your destination in the shortest amount of time.

How many stops with airport Shuttle Service?

Our Cabo Transportation shuttle vehicles stops at a maximum of 3 hotels, villas or condos per trip to and/or from the airport.

Does Cabo Transportation provide both one way and round trip airport transfers?

Cabo Transportation is one of the few transportation companies fully licensed to provide one way or round trip private transfers and shuttle services to hotels, villas, condos, restaurants or activities throughout the Los Cabos area. Round trip transportation is a discounted rate. If you would prefer to pay individually for each one way transfer, the one way rate will apply for each transfer.

Do you provide other types of transportation services?

We are one of the few Cabo transportation companies with all the required authorizations, permits and experience to provide all types of transportation services. Including weddings, corporate groups, dine-outs, tours, hotel to hotel transfers, and to/from all activities (golf, fishing, spa days, sunset cruises, shopping, etc...)

Are your driver's professional and do they speak English?

Our drivers are full time staff and most have been working with us for many years. All drivers are properly licensed with Federal Drivers Licenses, have advanced chauffer driver training, and great knowledge of the Los Cabos area. All Cabo Transportation staff and drivers are bilingual, speaking both Spanish and English. We are always available to answering any questions you may have, and to assist in every way we can, including restaurant or activity recommendations.

Do you work with travel agents and wedding planners, and do you pay commissions?

Cabo Transportation works with Travel Agencies, Travel Agents and Wedding Planners. We offer 10% commissions and pay in full within 30 days after transportation services have been satisfied.

If you have a question or requirement that has not been address in our Q&A, please contact us.